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Isla Iguana


One of our most popular trips is a day trip to Isla Iguana, a Panamanian National Park, and one of very few true corral islands in the Pacific.  Since you're in Panama, this is one place you don't want to miss.



You'll depart from Pedasi Sports Club with  water, sodas, and lunch sandwiches (guests my opt opt bring their own food and drinks) and meet up with your captain at Arenal Beach.  Arenal is the beach commonly referred to as the "fishing beach" as this is where most of the local fishermen keep their boats.  The morning activity is like a bee hive with boats of every color getting ready for a day on the water.


After donning life jackets, you'll depart from the beach on a large panga to make the short ride to Isla Iguana, one of Panama's more famous island Natrional Parks.    Isla Iguana is home to thousands of black and green iguanas (they're safe and only eat plants, not people!), and a great variety of birds, but you'll enjoy it as a true caribbean style  corral beach with powdery white sand and a huge active and vibrant corral reef to explore.  


And, on both the trip to Isla Iguana and your return, you'll get to see a large expanse of the Azuero Peninnsula coastline and be amazed at how pristine and natural most of it remains.  And, during the months of July  through November, you'll also likely see whales playing just off the coast.


Come join us for a fun filled day on the water.  You'll find our prices to be the most competitive in the area, and we're very flexible in organizing and pricing a trip that will make you smile.



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