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About Us

Tom and Judi Gibbs and John and Mary Readel have been in Pedasi since mid 2010. Tom and Judi first came to the Playa Blanca area on an extended family vacation and made the 3 hour trip from there to Pedasi as a day trip. Intrigued by the beauty and friendliness of the area, they told John and Mary of their Panamanian experience and within a month all 4 were back in Pedasi for a first exploratory trip of the area.​

Pedasi Sports Club offers a one stop shop for all Azuero and Pedasi tours, Pedasi fishing, Pedasi SCUBA diving, Pedasi Whale Watching, Canas Turtle Watching, Isla Iguana Snorkeling, and Rio Oria Horseback Riding.  The Fun starts Here!

We returned seven more times in the following 12 months.  We fell in love with the town and the people and the freedom.  So we bought our first home.


We saw opportunity in the area and decided to make an even bigger financial commitment.  We started building houses that were reminiscent of old style Panamanian homes.  Then we bought what has become Casa Loma, a bed and breakfast next door to Pedasi Sports Club, which we purchased in the following year. 


We've slowed on the home building to focus our attention on our growing BnB business, and we're still meeting people, sharing stories, and having fun.



Interesting Places

From time to time we run across a place that we think our friends and guests might like to vist.  So, as we learn about them, we'll post them here.  If you come across a place that you would like to share, please send us an email so that we can pass along your find.


El Caballo Verde is a neat BnB in Santa Fe, Panama just north of Santiago.  Fantastic views in the mountains.


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